Working with the Golf Industry

Crazy Golf Deals Pty Ltd is the leading golf deals website in Australia, and expanding to overseas markets including the UK, South Africa and the US. It is owned and operated by golf pros with the aim of supporting the golfing industry.

Crazy Golf Deals seeks investment for the expansion and growth of the company.

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Investment Opportunity

Crazy Golf Deals (CGD) uses the proven business model of the popular ?Deal of the Day? group buying websites with a specific focus on golf, along with a sustainable approach that supports and works within the golf industry.

The golf industry is large, diverse and highly suited to this model and the revenue potential and value-add propositions are significant.

Generic deal websites are harming and devaluing the Golf industry, asking impossible discounts of 60%-90%, huge success fees (50% commission) and have very poor customer and industry support. In contrast, CGD provides sustainable, great value offers, lowest success fees (25%) and excellent customer support, and is working in the best interests of the industry. The other key difference with CGD is that it works for the businesses it promotes, not just focussing on the database of consumers.

The business was founded by PGA Member Scott Silva along with UK PGA Member Steve Mulraney and web and technology expert Sheldon Harkness. All three have worked in the golf industry for many years.

Golf Market

The business seeks funding to become the market leader and gain profitability in 2012, and to expand sales and marketing globally.

Products and Services

Buyers (customers purchasing the deals)
Crazy Golf Deals offers the following main products and services to members:
a) Discounted green fees at local golf resorts and golf clubs
b) Trial memberships at public and private golf clubs
c) Professional coaching deals from PGA certified professionals, 7 days a week
d) Weekly equipment deals, closeouts and superseded stock from golf manufacturers and golf retailers

Sellers (Golf industry Businesses)
Sellers have the opportunity to promote their business by offering great deals on the website.

Golf is one of the biggest sporting industries in the world. In Australia, the number of participants is estimated to be around 1.25 million. This is approximately 8.2% of the population.
The market for Crazy Golf Deals includes all active and occasional golfers as well as new players to the game. Crazy Golf Deals sell vouchers that can be used as gifts to anyone.