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How long does a handicap through The Golfer Social Club last for?


12 months from the date of activation with the option to renew annually.

Once I have a handicap, can I add Social scores to my playing history?


Yes, these are called Conforming Social Scores (CSS). You can use as many CSS as you like to affect your handicap as long as the following requirements are met.

  • The player must email  prior to the round taking place informing that the player is using the round for their handicap.
  • The score format must be singles Stableford.
  • If the round is not entered after choosing to do so a score of 10 Stableford points will be entered
  • The card must have the Name of the club, Tees used and the Tee off Time. It must be signed by a player with a Golf Link number and the number written on the card.

Does my handicap include insurance?


Yes. As a member of The Golfer Social Club you have your own golf-specific personal insurance program (PIP) which includes public liability cover.

This typically means if a member hits a golf ball and injures someone else or something they are covered. It does not cover if they fall and injure themselves.

You can view more information in this link

How long does it take to activate a handicap with The Golfer Social Club?


We will email applicants their new GA Handicap and GOLF Link number within 72 hours in most cases

Can I get my new GOLF Link number before I have submitted my scorecards?


There are three steps required for a first-time handicap to be activated - application, payment & 54 holes of scorecards.

Our standard process is to wait until all three steps are completed before activating the golfer’s entity on GOLF Link. Some people want their GOLF Link number before they have submitted cards – in these cases the handicap will come up as ‘Unallocated’ on GOLF Link until 54 holes of scores are entered on the golfer’s playing history.

If you want your GOLF Link number before you have submitted your scorecards, just let us know and we can activate your GOLF Link number straight away.

What is an official Australian Golf Handicap?


An official golf handicap is a numerical figure assigned to a golfer that reflects their ability or relative ability and allows golfers to compete on an equal footing with others. The lower the handicap, the better the player is relative to those with higher handicaps. In Australia, Golf Australia is the peak national amateur governing body through which handicaps are conferred.

GOLF Link handicaps allow golfers of all abilities to be able to compete against one another and are calculated and allotted in accordance with the Australian Handicapping, Slope Rating and Course Rating Systems as specified by Golf Australia.

What is the GA Handicap and what is the Daily Handicap?


A GA Handicap is the Golf Australia Handicap that is assigned to a golfer. This handicap is then referenced against The Slope Rating of a set of tees on a golf course to calculate the Daily Handicap that a golfer plays from in a competition.

How are Australian Golf Handicaps calculated?


Handicaps are calculated in accordance with the Australian Handicapping & Course Rating Systems based on scores of each golfer provided for initial handicap calculation and then scores in competition play thereafter. You can read more on the Golf Australia website about how Australian Handicaps are calculated. In simple terms, official GA Handicaps are calculated as follows:

  •   Take the best 8 differentials from the most recent 20 scores
  •   Divide that number by 8
  •   Multiply that number by 0.93

·   If a golfer has less than 20 scores, the number of scores used is less

When I submit scorecards for initial handicap calculation, what details need to be on the cards?


·    Your name & signature
·    The score for each hole
·    The date of the game
·    The marker's signature
·    The marker’s Golf Link Number
·    The name of the course
·    The tees you played from
·    The Scratch Rating or DSR

Who can sign scorecards used for initial handicap calculation?


The signatures on the cards attest that the score is true and correct and that the round was played to the rules of golf.

Cards need to be signed by someone involved in Australian golf so a club pro, a club member, a golfer with an official Australian handicap.

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