From Macarthur Grange Golf Course

Hi Steve,

The purpose of this email is to thank you and your team for your professional attention to detail when creating our On Course playing lesson through Crazy Golf Deals. The advertisement clearly outlined what the client was to receive during their lesson at Macarthur Grange Golf Course.

Your Website results relating to this On Course promotion at Macarthur Grange Golf Course has been more successful than any magazine of paper advertising we have done in the past. Steve, your personal work history within the Golf Industry proved that you had the talent to design an advertisement which would capture our targeted market.

Thank you once again for your professional attention to detail and look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Roger Podmore
Golf Biomechanics Master Golf Teacher
Macarthur Grange Golf Course

From G.M., Chatswood Golf Club

Chatswood Golf Club enlisted the help of Crazy Golf deals to launch our club into the online market; it was on more than one occasion met with overwhelming success.

The complete process of creating and organising an offer for this web site was very easy
with the level of professionalism and help that was provided by Crazy Golf Deals.

We felt that the web site was suited to capture a targeted market and this proved right as was promised by the sales staff at Crazy Golf Deals.

I would recommend Crazy Golf Deals to anyone looking to increase their market share and
brand awareness.

Nicholas Steinhauer
General Manager
Chatswood Golf Club

From St Michael’s Golf Club

Hi Steve and Kathleen,

I just wanted to send a courtesy email to the both of you and thank you for first of all placing our deal on your website and secondly the efficiency in which everything was dealt with!

I appreciate all your help in what we at Cullen’s Driving Range and St. Michael’s Golf Club considered a very successful campaign.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Kind regards,

Bobby Walia
St Michael’s Golf Club

From G.M., Cabramatta Golf Club

Just a quick thank you for your very professional promotion that Crazy Golf Deals has just completed.

The sales that you obtained far exceeded our expectations.

Your commission was more than realistic and banked on time in accordance with the agreement.

I look forward to using your services in the near future.

Bill Basan
General Manager
Cabramatta Golf Club Limited