How Deals Works

How It Works Step 1

You love to play golf but high-priced green fees are holding you back? Not any more. Every day at Crazy Golf Deals you’ll find a Golf Course Green Fee Special Offer at a crazy low price. Low cost trial Club Memberships are also on offer, as well as Professional Coaching deals from PGA certified Professionals. Golf Resorts feature as well, offering you an unforgettable golf day or weekend away with all resort facilities. Supplementary specials at Crazy Golf Deals encompass the entire sphere of golf.

Want to improve your game?

Crazy Golf Deals has special offers from qualified PGA professionals for coaching, from beginner golfers through advanced players.

Need new clubs, shoes or other golf gear?

Crazy Golf Deals has current weekly specials on golf equipment, including clubs, bags, buggies, golf accessories, golf shoes and apparel, golf travel gear and much more.