Your Special Deals: Promotions, Partners and Sellers

Golf Clubs and Courses

Crazy Golf Deals provides the opportunity for your Golf Club to showcase the club itself, the golf course, facilities and services, and so to increase the number of green fee visitors you will receive and to attract new members. As well, it may be that your club hopes to attract more visitors to an under-utilised facility within the club, such as the club Restaurant, the function room, Pro Shop or your club’s Golf School. Your Club may have a special event or tournament that it would like to promote. Or, your club may be trying to increase numbers of a particular group of golfers, such as out-of-towners to your on-site accommodation, or local Juniors as an investment in your club’s future. Any or all of these can be incorporated into your Crazy Golf Deals Special Offer.

Golf Professionals, Coaches and Schools

Many thousands of people around Australia are interested in golf, whether from a basic introductory level of how best to swing a club and so to take their first shots, or to improve and advance in a game they already know and enjoy. So if you are a Golf Professional who is teaching the game, students await. At Crazy Golf Deals you have the opportunity to present your skills and services to those who are seeking them, in your own Special Deal.

Golf Resorts, Retreats and Getaways

If you are the owner or manager of a Golf Resort, Golf Retreat or Golf Getaway venue, Crazy Golf Deals presents a brilliant opportunity to reach golfers, specifically, as well as their friends, families and social and business groups who are seeking exactly what you have to offer – the Golf Resort experience or a weekend Golf Retreat. You can counterbalance any off-season ‘slowdown time’ with an offer that’s too good to refuse, while showcasing your Retreat or Resort.

Golf Tournaments and Special Event

Your local or regional Golf Tournament or Special Event has all the ingredients of a resounding success – a dedicated group of players, a great course, good facilities, even local accommodation. All you need are the attendees, and through Crazy Golf Deals you can invite or book them in.

Junior Golf Programs and Junior Suppliers

Junior Golfers represent the future of Golf, in many ways. If your Club has a strong Junior Golf Program then you are likely to be already appreciating the great value of having a dynamic Junior Group among the members. With a healthy Junior Program, your club never ‘runs dry’, – there is a continual progression of young adult members who mature within the club. At Crazy Golf Deals you can ensure your club’s junior group continues to grow and flourish, with your Juniors Special Deal.


Many regional golf clubs are able to offer some form of accommodation facilities, whether on site or near the golf course, or via Stay and Play arrangements. If your club is able to offer accommodation facilities, you can let visiting golfers know and invite them in for a game through your Special Offer on Crazy Golf Deals.

Golf Equipment, Accessories and Apparel

If you are a golf retail supplier or a golf clothing or equipment manufacturer, bring your products to the fore with Crazy Golf Deals weekly products Special Deals.

Golf Tours and other Golf-Related Services

If you provide a golf related service and have a Special Offer to promote your service, Crazy Golf Deals is for you.

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